What is Rhino Boulder Gym?

Rhino Boulder Gym wakes up from a long Corona winter sleep ..... with limp arms and a few superfluous Coronakilos. But together we get back in shape!

We will start (again) with a free and accessible team match.


The Rhino also needs help from his friends to recover. That is why you can register for this competition with a free contribution. So you choose the participation amount per team yourself. Please use the form to register. Until then!


  • The reopening of Rhino Boulder Gym is subject to the measures in force.

  • You can participate in teams of three climbers.

  • Each registered team will have access to the app where the scores can be kept. (More info about the app will be given at the bar)

  • The "contest" will run for the first 2 weeks after reopening. All boulders in the room count towards the grand total.

  • As a team you don't always have to climb together. Each team member may make as many attempts as they want (and can) during the first two weeks after the reopening.

  • Fairplay rules ... when a boulder has been successfully topped by all three participants, you enter it yourself in the app.

  • There are two prizes: one for the team with the highest score and one for the team that posts the best group photo on social media and tags Rhino Boulder Gym.

  • Participation in the competition is of course not mandatory. You can also just come and climb.

  • Entrance fee for the climbing hall is not included in the competition fee.

  • You can donate on: BE14 7350 5360 2083, stating your team name. Or you can also pay at the bar upon registration.


Inschrijven wedstrijd

Bedankt voor je inschrijving! Er is een bevestigingsmail gestuurd naar het opgegeven emailadres.