Our house rules

To keep bouldering fun & safe for everyone, you have to take the following into account:



  • Warm up well before starting your climbing session.

  • A "cooling down" after your session is also essential to prevent injuries.

  • Climbing is done with sturdy shoes. The use of climbing shoes is not mandatory but recommended.

  • Climbing shoes are available for rent for € 3.

  • Don't go to the toilets with your climbing shoes.

  • Stockings are mandatory with rental shoes.

  • Don't walk in the hall

  • Do not lie down or play on the mats when you are not bouldering.

  • Keep a sufficient distance (1.50m) from other climbers.

  • Never walk under other climbers.

  • Do not wear jewelry or other objects (chalk bag on the back) while bouldering.

  • No food allowed on the mats.

  • No alcohol allowed before or during exercise.

  • Always put your chalk bag, brushes, etc. next to the mat. Be economical with puff!

  • The entire climbing hall, including changing rooms and bar, is a non-smoking zone.



  • Everyone is welcome to come and climb, even if you have no experience at all.

  • An adult supervisor must be present for youth up to 11 years old. You do not need a course or introductory lesson, we will help you on your way.

  • If you come with more than 3 children, climbing is only allowed under the supervision of an instructor from Rhino Boulder Gym.
    Reservation in advance is necessary for this! Contact us to make an appointment.


Falling & landing

  • Climbing is better than jumping.

  • We have gray climbing handles for easier descending.

  • Try to land flat on your feet with both legs to distribute the impact.

  • Never land with your arms or legs outstretched and bend your knees when landing.

  • Keep your arms in front of or to the side of your body.

  • Always roll over in the event of a high fall.

  • Familiarize yourself with the mat by first 'falling' out of a boulder halfway.

  • Watch this video from our colleagues at 9degrees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPu-zct3-bk


Cancellation of subscribers

  • On presentation of a doctor's note, your subscription can be frozen for the prescribed period with a minimum of 6 weeks.


Cancellation of lessons

  • Registration fees are non-refundable upon cancellation.

  • There is always the option to move the lessons to the next series that starts or to pass your lessons on to another person.