Wat is boulderen?

Bouldering is an explosive and spectacular way of climbing. 'Boulder' is English for 'boulder'. Bouldering is therefore literally: climbing on a boulder. Because there are no boulders in Belgium, we bouldering on artificial climbing walls with a maximum height of 4.5 meters. The climbing routes are puzzles that you solve with technique, strength and thinking. Unlike climbing, you don't need a rope and climbing harnesses for bouldering. Thick crash mats under the routes ensure safety. If you compare this branch of climbing with athletics, bouldering would be the number one king, the 100 meter sprint.

Bouldering does not require a climbing harness, climbing partner or climbing certificate. This makes the sport very accessible. Beginners can also have a great time. The principle of bouldering is very simple: put on climbing shoes and you can get started right away!

Individual and cozy
Coming alone is no problem, you don't need a partner. Whether you come bouldering alone or with friends, you never bouldering alone. Puzzle together on a boulder, watch each other how the other person is doing and have a nice chat in between, because you also need a break from time to time. This makes bouldering a very social sport in addition to being flexible. Chatting at the bar is therefore a regular habit.

Safe bouldering
Four meters is quite high and it can be a bit exciting, but the thick crash mats of 30 cm catch you. The most common injuries in bouldering are finger injuries from squeezing grips for too long or too hard. It is therefore advisable to warm up well on easy boulders first. To keep bouldering fun & safe for everyone, you have to take a number of things into account. Our staff is always available to answer all your questions and be sure to read our house rules .